Why You Shouldn’t Use Human Shampoo on Dogs

Why You Shouldn't Use Human Shampoo on Dogs

Why You Shouldn’t Use Human Shampoo on Dogs

It is not widely known, but you shouldn’t use human shampoo to wash dogs. Here are the

reasons why:

Reason #1: Different pH

Dog’s skin pH is very distinct from that of humans. It is close to neutral at a range of 6.2 to 7.4

compared to human skin pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Therefore, the shampoos formulated for human use

are much more acidic than what the dog skin can handle.

It can cause a disruption of the pH balance of the protective layer that prevents environmental

contaminations from breaching the dog’s skin. This can result in bacterial and viral infections.

Dog shampoo is designed to help avoid the skin drying out as this could lead to the dog

developing infections and skin conditions. You need to use a shampoo made for dogs.

Reason #2: Dogs Don’t Require Frequent Bathing

Unlike human skin that has pores and requires regular cleaning, dog’s skin has no pores except

for the paws and nose and is designed to clean itself naturally. Washing dogs with human

shampoo will thoroughly clean it stripping the dog’s skin of its natural protection, therefore,

creating skin conditions. Dog shampoo has little foam and is waterier since no artificial thickener

are used like human shampoo.

Reason #3: Smell Remover

Dog shampoo is designed to remove the bad smell of dogs, unlike human shampoo that cannot

manage the smell. Suing human shampoo may force you to wash the dog more than one times

per month which may be bad for their skin. Dog shampoo is the best option to deal with the

smell no matter how thick its hair.

This smell results from breeding bacteria on the dog’s skin that many dog owners tend to repeat

the wash, therefore, making this problem worse. Abrasions on its skin cause more itching,

scratching, infections and even wounds. Using human shampoo can make this issue even

worse than what is described above.

Reason #4: Ingredients

Human shampoos do include synthetic ingredients that are harmful to the dog’s sensitive skin.

Always go for dog shampoo that is made of a fully natural product. Use those with natural skin

moisturizers like aloe Vera, vitamin E or tea tree oil. The fragrance too should be natural, use

shampoo with citrus, eucalyptus, neem, lavender and chamomile, with the first three also

doubling as insect repellents.

You can choose shampoo designed for specific coats such as curly, short, thick, wooly or wiry.

Since your dog does not need many baths a month, you can afford to buy good quality natural

dog shampoo for a healthy happy dog that smells nice. Also, ensure to read the labels before

you buy the shampoo. It should be balanced for the dog’s skin concerning pH and the



It is important to feed your dog with enough protein if you want a healthy dog with lovely hair. 30

percent of the protein it eats goes directly to building and maintaining a healthy coat. The skin is

the largest organ and protecting it with a good thick coat, and protective shampoo will go a long

way in ensuring your dog has great health. Apart from buying a good dog shampoo, you need to

know a good local dog groomer for that occasional treat.