Air Quality Alert-What Can I Do Now to Protect My Family from Wildfire Smoke?

Due to the smoky weather in the Northeast this week, we are taking precautions to ensure you and your pet’s safety. We may shorten walks outdoors, should the weather bear a risk to either the pet or walker (with the remaining time spent indoors). While we are not EPA professionals, we’ve gathered some helpful tidbits from a few sites.

Things to Help Keep You Healthy During This Time

-Wear an N95 mask (the Covid masks come in handy again).

-Drink lots of water!

-Use Saline Nasal Spray.

-Rinse your eyes with water or eye wash (and/or wear shades).

-Wear a hat to protect your hair.

-Close all windows and doors.

-Recirculate the air within the apartment whether with a fan or air conditioner (closed exhaust to recirculate the air in the room).

-Run the air purifier.

-Avoid strenuous activity during smoky times to reduce how much smoke you inhale.

-Take Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system.

-Take Lung Support supplements.

-Take a shower when you get home.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Help My Pet Caregiver During This Time?

Absolutely! I’m sure they would appreciate water and some extra legroom in arrival times as they get to one visit to the next. This would help them slow down (reduce the amount they inhale). If you have an extra N95 mask, that would help too. We are working behind the scenes to ensure our team stays healthy during this time. Thank you for your patience and support!

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