Here are the answers to some of our most popular questions. In order to remain transparent, please review our policies and more.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the contact form.

What services do you offer?

We offer dog walks, cat sits, pet sitting and sleepovers.

What areas do you service?

Cat sits are offered below 145th street in Manhattan. Dog walks on the Upper East Side, Midtown East, Midtown West and Murray Hill. We are currently expanding our services to cover more areas. For a full list of service areas, please go to our Service Page.

What pets do you care for?

Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rats, birds, rabbits, goldfish, lizards and other small critter.

How do I prepare for my visit?

We ask that you provide a leash, collar, I.D. Tag, dog license, baggies and wee-wee pad if applicable. Please leave food out so it is visible. For Cats, please leave food, litter box, liner, scooper in plain view or provide directions in advance on LeashTime.

What are your rates?

It depends on the service you are looking for. Please see our Rates page.

How do I pay for service?

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • 1 Business Day cancellation — Monday-Friday 9am-3pm
  • 3 Business Days cancellation — Holidays

For more information see Policies Page.

How do I meet my Pet Caregiver?

We come to you! We know how important it is to meet with your Pet Caregiver and are happy to offer you a consultation ($25).

Please have 2 sets of tagged keys ready. Alternatively, keys can be left with your doorman (if applicable).

How many keys do you require?

We require 2 sets of keys. One for your Pet Caregiver and another to keep on file in case of an emergency. Tag and label each set with your (pet) name. For security purposes we ask that you do not write your address on there. We will keep keys on file for future service. Due to wear and tear, we ask that you provide actual weatherproof key tags (please no makeshift tags). 

Where do I drop off keys?

You can drop them off at our key location or give the keys to your Pet Caregiver during your consultation. Key drop offs to be scheduled in advance.

We require 2 complete sets of tagged keys (no makeshift tags accepted). One for our Pet Caregiver, the other on file in case of a lock-out or last minute request. Keys are kept on file for future care. Please tag and label both sets (for security purposes, do NOT write address on tag). Please try out both sets to make sure they work, in advance.

Complete sets include:

2 building keys (fob/rfid)

2 apartment keys

If you cannot provide 2 sets of keys a lock box with at least 1 full set will be required. Please check with your building for for lockbox approval.


Having an incomplete set (no entry into the building) means waiting until someone opens the building door, in order to get inside. This cuts into your visit time and further delays other visits that the Pet Caregiver has to go to.

$10 Untagged keys will incur a tagging fee.

$25 plus duplicate fees. Don’t have time to provide 2 sets of keys? We’ll be happy to make a duplicate of your set!

We ask for at least 1 week for key a return preparation. You can pick them up at one of our key locations with advance notice, at no charge. If you need them sooner, we can provide a key drop off at your place for $25.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Once you have filled out our service agreement you will be able to schedule all appointments online.