Spring is here and that means SHEDDING SEASON!!

Screen shot 2014-04-03 at 2.50.17 PMSpring is here!! For lots of us that means storing our coats away and breaking out the sunscreen. And for a lot of dogs it means SHEDDING SEASON!

It’s been a very long and cruel winter season that has, no doubt, left our pooches sulky and grey. It even snowed this SPRING! I say we take back the sun, along with our leashes and hit the dog parks running! Not before a nice bath of course.

Dogs may lick themselves and chemicals from the salt on the sidewalk along with old trash left behind from the snow, may make your dog ill. Wash off all the dirt and keep them healthy and happy! You may be able to groom your fur kid yourself. But for those who may find it difficult, hire a professional groomer.

Make sure your groomer has the right credentials though! Are they certified through a reputable dog grooming school? Are they Pet First Aid certified? That’s always a handy one.

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